Daily Skincare Essentials

We have you covered from day to night with our VU Daily Skincare Essentials Value System. Designed to protect, cleanse, moisturize, and help restore the skin's natural balance. Formulated with natural botanicals and clinically-tested active ingredients, this system will help repair the skin and soften lines and wrinkles.

VU Deep Pore Cleanser will gentle cleanse without drying or irritating sensitive skin. The soothing ingredients restore skin’s natural balance to prevent dryness-caused wrinkles leaving the skin feeling fresh. soft and luminous. While good for all skin types, the Deep Pore Cleanser is specially formulated for sensitive or irritated skin and particularly good for those with rosacea

VU Essential Daily Moisturizer is an improved New Formula with Broad Spectrum SPF 30! Formulated with 2 broad-based minerals and a chemical- based sunscreen to increase everyday SPF protection. Includes Cucumber to soothe skin and grape seed extract to prevent the breakdown of collagen.

VU Replenishing Night Creme will help repair your skin while you sleep. Great for any skin type, it is formulated to visibly improve skin texture, soften lines & wrinkles and dry skin caused by the environment, pollutants and detergents.

VU Ageless Hand & Foot Creme is a true anti-aging hand & foot creme formulated with retinol and other active ingredients to relieve dry hands and worn feet.