the science behind every drop

"I want you to have beautiful, radiant, healthy skin. That is why I blend the most advanced clinically-tested ingredients with natural botanicals to help restore it and create results you can see." Dr. M.M. Vujevich, MD

When Doctor Vujevich formulated VU SKIN SYSTEM he used the highest-grade, ingredients allowed without a prescription and understood that not all “like” ingredients are equally effective. That is why he combines clinical research & clinically tested ingredients along with natural products that are proven to brighten & hydrate skin, decrease fine lines & wrinkles, fight acne and reduce signs of aging. With the latest advancements in science and technology, our potent penetrating molecules work at the cellular level rejuvenating the skin, making every drop matter.

vu skin system is designed with natural ingredients and vitasphere technology -- the science of breaking down vitamins, peptides, plant extracts and other clinically tested ingredients to the cellular level.
nature meets science

a cellular wakeup call

Through innovation, we use cutting-edge cellular technology to create communication between skin cells. A new cosmetic approach this technology sends triggers on the skins surface to communicate and activate the deep layers of the skin below. Blended with our micronized molecules and clinically tested ingredients this technology stimulates natural growth factors, reverses signs of aging and rejuvenates skin texture. Resulting in a restored and healthy appearance.

vu skin system with cellular technology helps improve lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, tightening and firming, uneven skin tone, skin texture, elastin growth
vu skin system

The Origin of "Vu Skin": What's in the Name?

VU™ is more than a skincare brand; it's the embodiment of the visionary approach and deep dermatological expertise of its founder, Marion "Dr. Vu" Vujevich. Reflecting Dr. Vu's personal touch and his unique take on skin health, VU Skin™ blends scientific precision with the art of cosmetology. This synergy results in science-based, effective skincare solutions. Standing for quality and innovation, Vu™ promises healthier, more radiant skin through its expertly developed formulations.

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