The VU Difference

Dr. Marion Vujevich has always had One Goal in mind: to formulate the perfect blend of ingredients that result in clear, healthy and beautiful skin. That's the VU Difference. 

Developed by a Dermatologist
Not many skin care products on the market are developed by a board-certified dermatologist. Dr. Vujevich has a keen understanding of the physiological skin. He has studied the science of dermatology for decades. He appreciates the art and beauty of cosmetology. He applies all of this knowledge and expertise when selecting ingredients and calculating formulations. It's why VU Skin System products are so effective. 

Proven by Performance
Unlike other cosmetic companies, Dr. Vujevich has direct access to the patients using Vu Skin System. He can see how the products are performing on their skin, and rest assured: his patients are talking to him about any issues they may be experiencing with the products. Using this input and the results as leverage, he is able to continuously improve and evolve the products to ensure they are extremely effective. 

Elevated by Ingredients
While you may see similar ingredients across all skin care products, there is definitely a difference. VU Skin System products are specially formulated right down to the molecular level. The molecules in these products are micronized. They have been broken down o the smallest possible effective size in order to penetrate pores to the deepest layers of the skin. In addition, specific ingredients are encapsulated for time-release, enabling the product to continue working throughout the day and night! 

Inspired by Nature, Enhanced by Science
VU Skin system products incorporate natural ingredients while implementing Vitapshere® technology, which is the science of forming micronized capsules that take vitamins A, E and C to the cellular level. By getting deep into the skin, this technology supports collagen growth and moisture retention, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. 

The only way to see true, cosmetic change in your skin is to affect the cellular level beyond the pores. Ingredients that don't absorb through the skin simply sit on top of your skin and will not be effective. 

Driven by Value
One of the biggest differentiation of VU Skin System versus the big-name-brands is price. Even as VU Skin System continue to evolve with the latest advancements in science, technology and cosmetology, the price remains competitive. Dr. Vujevich believes in promoting healthy skin.