Dr. Marion VujevichDr. Marion Vejevich has been a dermatologist for more than 40 years in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region. His true passion for skin care quickly propelled his practice to one of the top in the area. Dr. Vujevich found it difficult to make product recommendations for his patients. He often found that the product selection available on the market just was not meeting his patients needs. Nothing seemed to have the right ingredient mix to help his patients achieve the results they were looking for. After doing more research Dr. Vujevich found that the products weren't formulated to penetrate the layers of skin and actually clogged pores and caused blackheads! What's worse was that the moisturizers on the market couldn't balance and restore the moisture in the skin. 

In 1974 Dr. Vujevhich launched the first line of VU Skin System products which included natural sunflower seed oil; an ingredient that is proven to improve the appearance of skin and retain moisture. His patients immediately started seeing the results. With patients feedback and input, Dr. Vujevich has continued to improve the products and extend the line. He carefully selects every ingredient for its individual contribution and benefit. 

Dr. Vujevich is in tune with the latest advancements in science and skin care. He was among the first skin care lines to introduce micronized ingredients to his skin care line. Ingredients that have been micronized have gone through a process of breaking down the product to its smallest level and using low-molecular weight ingredients which penetrate the skin and pores. This means that the vital ingredients Dr. Vujevjich has chosen can actually be more effective and produce the results you're expecting. You'll find that all of VU Skin System's products absorb into the skin faster, work more effectively and leave your skin feeling rejuvenated while not clogging your pores!

Once only sold in Dr. Vujevich's Dermatology Office, now VU Skin System is available online and at select Giant Eagle and Market District Stores throughout Western Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Dr. Marion Vujevich's commitment to blend the science of dermatology and the art of cosmetology with VU Skin System results in better products for his patients and for customers just like yourself.