Acne is caused by excessive oil production and bacteria. 

Dermatologists know: benzyl peroxide has been shown to be effective in killing acne causing bacteria and making it unlikely for bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics. Furthermore, in order for products to be effective they must be able to penetrate the skin. Unlike many leading acne products, VU Acne System  features micronized ingredients.

Micronized ingredients are a big deal - it's a process of breaking down the ingredients molecules to their smallest form. Having smaller molecules means that more of the product can penetrate the skin's pores in a quickly and effective way. 

What's that mean for you? Simple: VU Acne System penetrates your skins pores and kills acne causing bacteria with medical grade benzyl peroxide. Use our system of cleansers, astringents and toners to effectively clean and nourish your skin!