90% of aging is due to sun exposure and the environment. 

The Key ingredients in our VU Anti-Aging line are formulated to prevent and fight the signs of aging. The reparative antioxidants mend damage caused to the elastic tissue, while retinol is time-released to stimulate collagen formation thus plumping up the skin and avoid irritation. These products are also composed of tightening polypeptides and micronized hyaluronic acid to further rebuild and replenish. To further protect your skin, use VU Facial lotion with both UVA and UVB protection. In addition, Vu Lighten Up and Vu Lightening Toner help rid the skin of unattractive age spots, blemishes associated with aging and sun damage. Lastly, our VU Neck and Chest firming creme firms up loose skin and wrinkles caused by sun damage!