Reboot Spring Skin

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We have the answer to refresh winter wrinkles and dull skin.  Gently exfoliate, project skin, rebuild collagen and treat skin cells. It is everything your skin is needs after a dry winter to rejuvenate skin.                                                                                                        
Retinol Serum - Packed with nutrients and ingredients that result in instant softening of wrinkles. Formulated with a time-released delivery VU Retinol Serum will make the skin appear tighter, firmer and more radiant.                                                                                
VU Radiant Eyes - Formulated for the sensitive skin on the eyelid. Radiant Eyes' 4-in-1 formula uses the latest advancements in science to reduce puffiness and help diminish dark circles improve for a younger look & feel.
Purifying Cleanser - Formulated with soothing botanicals that will gently cleanse and exfoliate your face. Great for all skin types, our effective blend of medical-grade glycolic & salicylic acid with fruit & tea extracts purify the skin, removing dead skin cells for soft, luminous skin.

Revitalizing Treatment - Reboot unhealthy cells & RESTORE youthful appearance.

VU Essential Daily Moisturizer - Improved New Formula with Broad Spectrum SPF 30! Formulated with 2 broad-based minerals and a chemical- based sunscreen to increase everyday SPF protection. Includes Cucumber to soothe skin and grape seed extract to prevent the breakdown of collagen.

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