Clarifying Astringent

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  • Remove Excess Dirt and Oil that Contributes to Problem Skin. THIS PRODUCT IS A SKIN DISINFECTANT!

    “Sometimes I need to look farther than a cleaner to help what is disrupting the skin with acne. This product will disinfect the skin of bacteria and elements that cause disruption. My direction is to follow up with Essential Daily Moisturizer to stop the oil production of natural oils which cases acne. I also recommend Active Cleanser.”

    -Dr. Marion Vujevich, MD, FAAD

    KEY BENEFITS of Astringent:

    · Effectively HELPS remove virus, bacteria & debris.

    · Fight ACNE.

    · Cleanses SKIN.

    · Calming ALOE.

    KEY INGREDIENTS of Astringent:

    · 60% Isopropyl Alcohol – kills or prevents the growth of bacteria. Sanitizer should contain at least 60% alcohol to be effective.

    · Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel– healing properties.

    · Salicylic Acid- helps unclog pores.