What You Should Know About Acne

Acne Vulgaris is usually seen at puberty and primarily associated with hormonal changes caused by testosterone and progesterone. These hormones stimulate the sebaceous oil glands in the skin to become larger. This stimulation results in the production of oily sebum which flows to our skin via pores. Basically, these pores are easily blocked and form blackheads and if infected with acne bacteria form pimples or cysts. The greatest density of the sebaceous oil glands are seen mid face (T-zone), mid chest and upper back.

As dermatologists, we score acne according to the number of blackheads, pustules or cysts . Grades I & II (Mild), Grades III (Moderate) and Grade IV (Severe). Scarring occurring in Grades I & II are minimal and in Grades III & IV more probable.

What can you do?
Mild acne, Grades I & II most often can be brought under control with our over the counter( OTC ) acne cleansers, treatment gel and moisturizers.

However with Grade III & IV, the first and most important is to make an appointment with a dermatologist. He or she will most likely place you on prescription medication.This is very important because early diagnosis and treatment can result in less or no scarring.

How can Vu Skin System help? 
First of all, my products showcase the latest in science technology.

The three-step process begins with our active foaming skin cleanser containing alpha and beta hydroxy acids. These acids gently removes the dead skin cells blocking the pores. Our other cleanser with micronized benzoyl peroxide because of its molecular size easily penetrates the pores to rid them of bacteria. In fact, it has been clinically demonstrated to lessen the chance of bacterial resistance in acne treatment.

After cleansing, the clarifying lotion pads wipes off the excess oil and dead skin cells not previously removed.

Spot treatment with our OTC micronized benzoyl peroxide acne gel effectively treats pustules practically overnight.

The final step, application of the facial lotion with ultraviolet protection completes the process.

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