Why Sun Lotion Is Important

While participating in summer fun and vacation festivities, everyone at VU Skin System wants to remind you how important sun protection is to keep your skin healthy.

SPF is known as the sun protection factor. SPF allows your skin to be exposed to the suns rays longer without being damaged. During the hours of 10am to 4pm, the sun’s rays are most intense. UV light reaches your skin whenever you are not in direct sunlight. This means the sun can damage your skin even when you are not at the beach. Light can penetrate windows, windshields, sunroofs, clouds, and even light bulbs. Light bulbs that are not LED emit UV radiation.

The lighter your skin is, the more susceptible you are to skin damage. Even darker skin colors can benefit from UV light protection. UVB rays are responsible for sun tanning and sunburn, but UVA rays have long-term consequences. These rays damage your skin, cause wrinkles, and premature aging. Skin responds to sun exposure by making melanin which darkens the skin and creates a tan.

Chronic sun exposure allows UV rays to break down collagen, a protein that gives skin its strength. The breakdown causes your skin to become weak and develop brown spots and blemishes. This process damages DNA in your skin cells which can lead to cancer. Remember, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer.

What is the difference between SPF 30 and SPF 50?

One of the most common discussions in skin care is the difference between SPF 30 and SPF 50. We know that SPF protects our skin from UV rays. SPF 30 and SPF 50 provide very similar protection. Mathematically, there is only a 1% difference. SPF 30 is the minimum sun protection factor recommended by the FDA. Higher SPF will not provide significantly higher protection.

Do not shop for SPF like you would shop for clothing. When you pay for SPF 50 or 100, you are only paying for an irrelevant difference. Why would you pay more for the same piece of clothing? As long as you reapply a layer of lotion after three hours of sun exposure or after getting wet or sweating, any SPF will provide the same protection.

Always check products for an FDA approval. You should never trust a product that is not labelled with an FDA logo. The FDA regulates many consumer products to ensure that the products are safe and honest. You will always find an FDA approval on our products. We incorporate SPF into our products because we care about protecting your skin while we improve its health.

Skin care routine for younger looking skin

As a part of your daily routine, we recommend that you apply our facial lotion as an aftershave or base for your makeup.

Remember, ultraviolet rays are omnipresent in our daily lives; we are always in contact with them. In our homes or work place we are subject to 70% light exposure through windows, windshields, and even light bulbs. Leaving the house without UV protection is like being exposed to several x-rays. UV radiation causes early aging, skin cell death, and skin cancer. Our Hydrating facial lotion is specially formulated with broad spectrum SPF 30.

Along with replenishing your skin, our lotion will protect your skin against harmful UV rays. Even after the sun goes down and the lights turn off, our products can improve your skin. If you don’t apply night cream to your face before bed, you are missing an opportunity to improve your skin’s health. Night cream rehydrates the dry portions of your face during sleep. If your skin is feeling oily or rough, you are not hydrating! Applying our night replenishing cream will promote an entirely different look that will make you feel confident and refreshed.

Your skin does most of its repair while you sleep. VU Replenishing Night Crème is created to visibly improve skin texture, soften lines, wrinkles, and dry skin caused by the environment, pollutants and detergents. Check out our products here and start looking younger.

Hydrating Facial Lotion

Why not protect your skin while you replenish it. With VU Skin System’s Hydrating facial lotion, you can protect your skin from damage while providing it with natural regenerating elements.

Our hydrating facial lotion is specially formulated with UV absorbing ingredients, sunflower seed oil, antioxidants, and broad spectrum SPF 30. We use sunflower seed oil for its reconstructive properties. The oil is high in omega-6 fatty acid and vitamin E which helps decrease inflammation and oxidative damage while promoting the development of new skin cells. We always formulate with antioxidants in order to limit the production of skin damaging free radicals, which cause aging of the skin. Our ingredients will ensure that your skin stays young and healthy.

The most important element of our hydrating facial lotion is SPF 30. SPF 30 protects your skin for up to three hours. Whether you are at the beach, riding your bike, or traveling during the day, your skin will be protected from harmful UV rays. How harmful are UV rays?

They can cause early aging, skin cell death, and cancer. Check out our SPF awareness guide to see how you can change your morning routine to protect your skin.

Replenishing Night Cream

Our Replenishing Night Cream is specially formulated with botanical extract, hyaluronic acid, and argan oil. While these ingredients sound scientific, they do miracles to your skin. Botanical extract helps manage the oil accumulated on your skin which restores elasticity. Hyaluronic acid is not actually an acid.

It is a glycoprotein used to moisturize skin. We add this to our night cream in order to boost hydration to retain younger looking skin. Finally, argan oil comes from a unique plant in Morocco that softens facial lines. It is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids to hydrate and leave the skin feeling smooth. It is important to moisturize your skin in order to preserve healthy skin and prevent early aging.

Hydrated skin not only improves skin quality, but it also protects your skin cells from toxins while transporting nutrients into the cells to activate the repairing process. By protecting your skin today, you can ensure that your skin will glow in the future.

How to prevent early aging and protect your skin from sun damage? We devote our business to help educate and provide natural supplements to improve skin quality. By following this article, I assure you that you will feel younger, look younger, and stay younger. VU Skin Systems provides your genie in a bottle.

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