Bottle Of Skin Moisturizer - Vu Skin System

Melanoma Awareness Road Map

Skin Cancer awareness month is an annual awareness campaign that takes place every May. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the dangers of unpr...

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Question Mark Made Of Plants - Vu Skin System

Is Organic Really Better?

Are “All-Natural” or “Organic” skin care products superior or safer than skincare products that do NOT make these claims? Many people passionately ...

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Image Showing How UV Rays Affect Skin - Vu Skin System

Why Sun Lotion Is Important

While participating in summer fun and vacation festivities, everyone at VU Skin System wants to remind you how important sun protection is to keep...

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Drop Of Vitamin C & E - Vu Skin System

How to Get Rid of Age Spots

This may surprise you, but age spots and uneven skin tone aren’t caused by getting older! Instead, they are caused by the sun ( and nearly every ot...

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