Mineral or chemical sunscreen: Which is better? Let's ask Dr. Vujevich

In the midst of spring break, summer joy and vacation memories, everyone at 
VU Skin Systems wants to remind you how important sun protection is to keep your
skin healthy. During the hours of 10am to 4pm, your skin is exposed to harmful UV
light because the sun’s rays are the most intense. This means you can damage your skin even when you are not at the beach. UV light reaches your skin whenever you are in sunlight. The light can penetrate windows, windshields, sunroofs, and even clouds. The lighter your skin is, the more susceptible you are to skin damage. A common misconception that I hear is: “I have naturally tan skin, I don’t need a
sunscreen”. “As a board-certified dermatologist, I can assure you this is WRONG!!!” UVB rays are responsible for sun tanning and sunburn, but UVA rays have long-term consequences. These rays damage your skin, cause wrinkles, and premature aging. Skin responds to sun exposure by making melanin that makes us tanner. Chronic sun exposure allows UV rays to break down collagen, which is a protein that gives skin its strength. The breakdown causes your skin to become weak and develop brown spots and blemishes. This process damages DNA in your skin cells that could lead to cancer. SPF is known as the sun protection factor. SPF allows your skin to be exposed to the sun’s longer without being damaged. You can still get a tan with SPF protecting your skin. Remember, 1/5 Americans will develop skin cancer. Does your skin lotion have a broad -spectrum SPF in it?

Why not protect your skin while you replenish it. With VU Skin System’s
Essential Daily Moisturizer with broad spectrum 30 SPF you can protect you skin
from damage while providing it with natural regenerating elements. People are
wisely educating themselves on how to protect their skin and we applaud that. I am
often asked which gives a better protection from UVA and UVB rays… MINERAL or
CHEMICAL based sunscreens. MY ANSWER IS SIMPLE: “USE BOTH!!! However,
make sure it is broad spectrum because that means it protects from BOTH UVA
and UVB rays.”

Our Essential Daily Moisturizer is specially formulated with 2 minerals to sit
on top of the skin and reflect UV rays and another critical chemical to absorb UV
rays and convert the rays to heat to be released from the skin. The absorbing
ingredients, such as cucumbers, grape seed extracts and antioxidants hydrate and
repair skin damage. We always formulate with antioxidants in order to limit the
production of free radicals, which cause aging of the skin. These ingredients will
ensure that your skin stays healthy and young. The most important element of our
Essential Daily Moisturizer is SPF 30. SPF 30 allows your skin to be exposed in the
sun up to three hours longer without being damaged. Whether you are at the beach,
riding your bike, or traveling during the day, your skin will be protected from
harmful UV rays.

One of the most common discussions in skin care is the difference between
SPF 30 and SPF 50. This is more complicated and confusing to explain in full, but I
can give you an idea of the difference. We know that SPF protects our skin from UV
rays. SPF 30 and SPF 50 provide very similar protection. However, SPF 50 allows
you to be in the sun longer before reapplying, but not by much. Often, people feel
overly confident with a higher number SPF and DO NOT re-apply as often as
required, Hence, the BOARD OF DERMATOLOGY and I recommends broad-
spectrum SPF 30.. We incorporate SPF into our products because we know how
important it is to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. Easy advice: When you

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