New Year, New You Value System

Rejuvenate, moisturize and help reduce signs of aging with the NEW YEAR, NEW YOU Value System. Formulated through nature, science & cutting-edge technology our products work at the cellular level helping reduce fine line & wrinkles while firming, hydrating, moisturizing for a more youthful appearance.

VU Radiant Eyes is formulated for the sensitive skin on the eyelid. Radiant Eyes 4-in-1 formula uses the latest advancements in science to reduce puffiness and help diminish dark circles improve for a younger look and feel.

VU Revitalizing Treatment helps repair damaged collagen using Cell2Cell Technology. This new cosmetic approach, sends triggers on the skins surface to communicate and activate the deep layers of the skin below.

VU Hydrating Facial Lotion is specially formulated with UV absorbing ingredients, sunflower seed oil, antioxidants, and broad-spectrum 30 SPF for coverage up to three hours. This gentle facial lotion will moisturize, help slow signs of aging and inhibit new age spots and sun damage without clogging pores.

VU Purifying Cleanser will gently cleanse and exfoliate the face. Great for all skin types, our effective blend of medical grade glycolic & salicylic acid with fruit & tea extracts purify the skin, removing dead skin cells for soft, luminous skin.