Neck & Chest Firming Creme

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This amazing formulation brings together highly effective ingredients for tightening, restructuring, smoothing and toning of the fragile neck area. Helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles while firming, hydrating and moisturizing for a more youthful appearance to that often neglected area of the neck and decollete. 

Directions: After using VU Cleansing and VU Toner, apply twice a day and follow with your favorite VU moisturizer. 


The VU Difference: Using nano-technology and Vitasphere® technology, this formulation gets deep into the cellular level of your skin to tighten and firm the skin's structure. 

The skin on the neck is one of the most exposed areas to the sun, creating sagging and wrinkles. Because your neck skin is thin, it requires specially-formulated products to couteract sagging. VU Neck & Chest Firming Creme uses micronized ingredients along with Vitasphere® technology to form capsules that enable vitamins A, E and C to reach the cellular levels of the skin and make a beautiful, noticeable impact on your neck and chest. 

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