Advanced Summer Skin Value System

  • VU Lightening Tonerwill leave your skin feeling luminous and even. Formulated with botanical extracts such as aloe, white tea, and licorice extract, brightening agents and vitamins for skin that appears refreshed and renewed with a new clarity and brightness. This product contains only natural lightening ingredients, and absolutely zero dyes.
  • VU Brighten Up! will restore the beautiful clarity and refinement of the skin. Using natural ingredients this formula will help refine the skin by correcting discoloration and uneven skin tones. VU Brighten Up! does not contain hydoquinone acid, a harmful ingredient used in some lightening products that can be harmful to your liver.
  • VU Hydrating Facial Lotion is specially formulated with UV absorbing ingredients, sunflower seed oil, antioxidants and broad-spectrum 30 SPF for coverage up to three hours. This gentle facial lotion with protect and moisturize without clogging pores. Apply under makeup, or as an aftershave to leave the skin smooth and hydrated!
  • VU Revitalizing Treatment helps repair damaged collagen using Cell2Cell Technology. This new cosmetic approach, sends triggers on the skin’s surface to communicate and activate the deep layers of the skin below for a younger look and feel.
  • VU Retinol Serum is designed to improve skin texture, lines, wrinkles and increase skin density. The slow-released delivery will make the skin appear tighter, firmer and more radiant.

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