Accelerated Advanced Anti-Aging Value Set

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The Accelerated Advanced Anti-Aging Value Set includes all the products that you need for a great daily skin care regimen. 

First the Foaming Purifying Cleanser will cleanse your skin while gently exfoliating dead skin cells and eliminating toxins we are exposed to every day. Followed with the Lightening Toner, just a small amount on a cotton pad will remove excess oil and dirt while letting your skins natural balance shine. Using VU Lighten Up next will help to even your skin tone to diminish the look of dark and age spots. VU clinical studies show that when used together VU Lightening Toner and VU Lighten Up you'll see an 84% improvement in even skin tone! After allowing Lighten Up to absorb into your skin, follow with the VU Anti-Aging Serum which features encapsulated 7-hour time-release Retinol which will boost your skins natural collagen helping to make your skin look and feel more firm while not drying out your skin. Lastly, after the serum has absorbed use the VU Hydrating Facial Lotion with SPF30, your face will thank you - as 90% of the signs of aging are due to UVA and UVB rays from the sun. This great moisturizer will absorb quickly and is great for use under makeup! 

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