VU Rewards Program

Introducing VU Rewards -- Every Dollar Spent = 1 Point Earned

#1 Sign Up

At the bottom of this page, click this button: earn vu rewards 

Now click 'create store account'. If you already have an account, simply log-in

#2 Shop and Earn

1 point for every dollar you spend online

points NEVER expire

must be signed-in TO YOUR store account to earn points

#3 Redeem

150 vu points = $10 off coupon

300 vu points = $25 off coupon

500 vu points = $50 off coupon

Please note:

Past VU Skin System purchases do not count toward VU Reward Points. VU Reward Points can only be earned on future Vu Skin System online purchases.

Vu Reward Points is an online-only promotion. VU Reward Points cannot be earned or redeemed at retail locations or the Vujevich Dermatology practices.