Do Higher Prices Deliver Better Results?

When we shell out money for a high-end skincare product, we expect what’s inside the beautiful packaging to be what we’re paying for, meaning better results. With more expensive products come better ingredients and more-sophisticated technology—right?


No matter how savvy we are as consumers, our optimism is sometimes enough to lure us into spending our hard earned money on the latest-and-greatest serums and lotions.


Dr. Vujevichs advice.

“ Sometimes expensive products are better and sometimes they’re not. It all depends on the ingredient list, the amount of  beneficial elements a product contains, the source, and how the brand is formulated to penetrate the skin”.


Take the price point and the marketing behind the brand out of the decision making process and look at the ingredients list and the source. No one knows what label you're wearing on your skin—the results are what matter most. When you are doing your research or attracted to a certain brand, look for tried-and-true ingredients that work.  Retinol is one of them—so much science has been done on the value of it. Vitamin C, vitamin E, peptides and hyaluronic acid have all been proven by science to work. If you’re in the market for a new cream and are willing to try a new product, you should first pinpoint the three things you’re trying to repair or prevent, then look for ingredients that are proven to help.



Where do these products come from? Who is formulating them? Are the products created in a lab that is regulated or a “boutique” brand that is procured from an unregulated place? 


There is monetary value when researching who and where products come from.


We often look to dermatologists as bona fide skin gurus, who can look at skin issues and tell what’s going on, which products should be used, and what beauty ingredients are worth knowing about.

They went to medical school for skin, so for that reason, it is reasonable to look for products that are formulated or recommended by a dermatologist.


Your skincare products need to be safe for use.  You need to be really sure the product is and will be safe at least until its expiry date and that it is formulated and packaged at a facility that will predict the shelf life and give you the certainty your product is safe from unwanted changes and contaminations.


Packaging Alert!

The packaging also sometimes makes a product more expensive, especially if the packaging itself is a design and brand statement. The price tag on a product doesn’t always equate with effectiveness. And of course, and this is probably the biggest reason behind the high price tags, brands need to maintain their elaborate, worldwide marketing machinery of campaigns, influencers, celebrity spokespersons, stores, ads and videos and we are the ones paying for it. While some expensive product do use costly ingredients, often the cost is to lure consumers.


Bottom line:

Do your research! There are many options on the market today, but only you know your budget, concerns and skin care goals.


I have been using the VU SKIN ESSENTIAL DAILY MOISTURIZER for a few years now and am so pleased with the result.
It truly keeps my skin moisturized all year round even in the summers when I’m on the beach and during the harshest winters in Pittsburgh.
It is and will continue to be part of my daily routine.

Patricia Sutton May 23, 2023

Can you recommend any kind of product that helps with a reaction to something I am using, and I have no idea what it is that’s causing it? I am not sure if your office does testing to see what a person may be allergic to. Do you? I switched mascaras because I know that was a problem. I no longer use the waterproof and I use clinique now. But it gets puffy/swollen around my eyes and I don’t know what is causing it. I had some of the older moisturiser of Dr. Vujeviches with the green tea in it and applied that. I also applied some aloe vera I bought from the Vitamin Shoppe. It will go away but comes back again! ANY suggestions, please?!

Mary J. Tunno October 08, 2019

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