The Benefits of Using a Hand Crème

A common misperception that my patients have is thinking that the daily use of a hand crème isn’t vital to your skin health. Using a body lotion or face crème for your hands is doing them an injustice because it’s not addressing all of their needs. Implementing a hand crème into your daily routine is important because it serves to help your hands in three ways. By fighting the signs of aging, serving as a barrier to the elements and treating hands for issues such as dryness and cracking.

Simple, everyday tasks such as washing dishes helps to damage your skin further by drying it out. The chemicals that can be found in most cleaning solutions and detergents aren’t friendly to your skin. The weather and your environment also play a big part in your skin health.

Some ways that hand crème can benefit you are:

Makes skin softer: Hand creams have moisturizing elements that soften the skin, cuticles and nails. This helps long term because of ingredients such as hyaluronic acid which is  meant to treat dryness while also flattening the microscopic cracks that make skin sensitive or dry. This also protects them from further damage and keeps them well hydrated.

Makes your skin younger: Hand creams with anti-aging ingredients increase the skin’s moisture balance and elasticity. The Vu Skin System offers this with our Ageless Hand Crème. It’s a true anti-aging hand creme that’s been formulated with retinol, hyaluronic acid and Vitamins A and E. Those are typically the same ingredients used in anti-aging facial skin care products.

Keeps your hands clean: These contain antibacterial ingredients that keep airborne germs from attacking your skin. In general, the skin on your hands is much more exposed to the environment than other parts of your body therefore needing more protection.

Relaxation: The fragrance used in these can act as a stress reliever. We offer this experience with the Vu Revitalizing Balm with Green Tea. It’s formulated to be used before bedtime when the skin is primed to absorb all of the ingredients in the balm. This allows you to awaken to hydrated and younger looking skin. 

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