Sun Safety Tips

Sunlight can cause serious damage. It has two types of dangerous ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays and Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. Exposure to these rays is harmful with side effects such as wrinkles, age spots or skin cancer. These rays are also the primary cause of sunburn.

The sun emits UV rays year round, even on cloudy days. You can keep your skin safe by wearing sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater on your exposed skin, covering exposed skin with pants, hats, long dresses or sunglasses and sitting in the shade when it’s possible.

Tanning is strongly discouraged. Not only do you put yourself at risk for skin cancer but damage your skin and speed up its aging.

Check your skin often. If you notice anything changing, growing or bleeding you need to consult a dermatologist immediately.

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