There are many causes of Oily Skin that include: 

  • Cosmetics - choosing the wrong cosmetics can cause oily skin. Select products labeled "oil-free" or "non-comogenic" as they will not add extra sufrace oils or clog pores. Its also important to use products that will remove leftover dirt, oils and makeup to promote cell turnover. 
  • Humidity - excess humidity causes skin to sweat and become oily. 
  • Diet - diets high in glycemic foods may lead to overactive oil production. 
  • Stress - skin will produce oil in times of stress. 
  • Dryness - when skin is dry, it works harder to produce oils. Despite what many believe, moisturizers actually help cut down on natural oil production. 

These VU products are designed to help remove excess oil and keep skin fresh, balanced and clean: