Replenishing Night Crème

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  • Detox, Replenish Vital Nutrients & Plump Skin.

     “Your skin does most of its repair while you sleep, so you need a night cream that will first detoxify the skin of the environment, pollutants and detergents. A good night cream is focused on moisture and recovery to improve skin textures, soften lines, wrinkles and dry skin.”

     -Dr. Marion Vujevich, MD, FAAD


    BENEFITS of Replenishing Night Crème:

     ·Repairs & prevents free-radical damage.

     ·Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.

     ·Replenish lost nutrients to increase cellular turnover.

     ·Restores moisture balance.

     ·Promotes elasticity and plumps skin.


    KEY INGREDIENTS in Replenishing Night Crème

     ·Aloe -helps to sooth and hydrate skin.

     ·Hyaluronic Acid –the key to plumping fine lines and reducing the visibility of wrinkles by retaining 1000X the skin’s moisture. Works to keep every aspect of skin stable, safeguarded, and constantly renewed.

     ·Fruit Oil (Olive Oil) –an anti-inflammatory and fights free radicals. Prevents moisture loss.

     ·Orange & Lemon Peel –stimulates collagen and elastic synthesis (stimulates new skin cell growth) and minimizes damage caused by the sun. SKIN DETOX.